Lenovo entered the modern agriculture, why IT is doing a "fruit plate"

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Legend Holdings Joyvio Group held a press conference in Beijing, on May 8, where formally launched the  modern agricultural brand Joyvio of Legend Holdings, with the first fresh "fruit" - "Joyvio" blueberry appeared to cater the comments of guests and reporters. Why does Lenovo intend to engage in modern agriculture? What is the significance of a high-tech company into modern agriculture?

Lenovo strike the "fruit plate" first

"Modern agriculture and IT seemingly detached. On the contrary, in reality, the vision of "industry serves the country" is same with that of Legend Holdings." said Liu, the chairman of Legend Holdings.

"There is a apparent gap of agricultural situation between China and the developed countries, so the development space and profit room can be pretty big." Liu believes that, since more and more consumers, in particular, are willing to pay for safe and quality food, we firmly believe that we can definitely make money from modern agriculture, and share the fruits of labor with the partners of industry chain.

According to the introduction, Joyvio Group has become the largest blueberry enterprises with whole industrial chain and the largest kiwifruit grower, through mergers and acquisitions.

Is there anything special of doing ​​modern agriculture for Lenovo? Shaopeng Chen, the senior vice president of Legend Holdings and group president of Joyvio, took a photo for the two-dimensional code on the box of "Joyvio" blueberries by his his mobile phone. Then the big screen displays the information record of the blueberry's life-cycle: From the production base to the factory processing, from the finished product testing to the terminal market, all clearly showed. In terms of the production base, for example, from the soil composition to the ultilize of water and fertilizer, from the sowing time to harvesting time … including the the base responsible person’s name, are all clear.

According to reports, from planting to arriving the shopping malls, a blueberry will go through 189 technical standards, get attached with more than 300 officers. All the information are recorded in "code", open and transparent, which can be traced to view.

High-tech Company has advantages to enter modern agriculture

"Legend Holdings engages in the modern agriculture, which can be described as 'high joint'." said Dejun Huang, the General Manager of Beijing Orient Agribusiness Consultant. This may grow up to a new impetus for the agricultural modernization of China.

Dejun Huang indicated that the high-tech company has it own advantages to get involved in modern agriculture:

To start with, the high-tech enterprises, especially enterprises like Lenovo, have mature experience in the process of control and the operation of the brand; Secondly, the excellent high-tech enterprise has its unusual team, and can enable all kinds of talent to congregate where necessary with strong finance; Thirdly, as the modern agriculture is armed with modern technology, high-tech enterprises has a unique advantage in this case; Subsequently, since the internationalization is an inevitable trend of modern agriculture, a number of large high-tech enterprise with not only the international perspective but also the success of international mergers and acquisitions, will feel it easy on resources integration; Finally, in the face of the fact that the agricultural production has a long, high-risk cycle, if high-tech enterprises commit a long-term investment instead of short-term speculation, it would be a crucial factor to the development of modern agriculture.

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