Joy Wing Mau

China Largest Globalized Fruit Company

  • Joy Wing Mau

    China Largest Globalized Fruit Company

    Joy Wing Mau Group is the leading Company in China's Fruit Industry and the first Chinese fruit company that has achieved 5 billion RMB annual turnover. With the mission of “Better Fruit, Better Life” and the vision of “a world-class leading fruit company”, Joy Wing Mau Group is dedicated to introduce advanced fruit varieties and growing technology in order to provide the finest fruits and service for Chinese consumers, elevate people's living quality and promote the sustainable development of China's fruit industry.

    Through 40 distribution centers in China covering 80 cities, we efficiently provide service to 5,000 stores and 3,000,000 customers. Presence in 7 first-tier wholesale markets, we distribute 1,000 tons of fruit per day.

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Modern Chinese Community Fresh Food Supermarket

  • GuoShuHao

    Modern Chinese Community Fresh Food Supermarket

    Established in Dec. 2011, with the vision to meet the consumption upgrade for fresh food and one-stop shopping demands among modern Chinese families, GuoShuHao is the most standardized supermarket with the most SKUs in China; currently operates 10 stores in Beijing and Tianjing, with the total retailing area of more than 30,000㎡.

    Committed to provide consumers with more safe, high-quality, various and reasonable priced fresh food; offer more friendly, convenient and efficient services; maintain a more organized, comfortable and fashionable shopping environment。 GuoShuHao is leading the modernization of the food retail industry in China, and building a trustworthy, safe and high quality fresh food retail brand, striving to become a world-class food retail enterprise. ...more>

    Successfully built the private label brand through introducing the world-class processing technology, advanced equipment, and leading Japanese hygiene standards and service concepts, and establishing high standard rice, egg, and pork processing bases. Won the “China Most Potential Innovated Brand” from China Commercial Real Estate Association(CCREA), in 2016.

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