A Leading Spirits Company

  • Funglian

    A Leading Spirits Company

    Specializing in high-quality liquor operation and management, strive to become a leading liquor company in China

    Inheriting classic Chinese liquor production craftsmanship, using high quality grain ingredients, aging longer time in the cellar, distributing through a short-chain reseller network. Enjoying a great benefit from local Chinese liquor consumption upgrade

    Now has 4 well-recognized Chinese regional liquor brands: Heibei Bancheng, Anhui Wenwang, Shangdong Confucious Family and Hunan Wuling

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Longguan Longjing Tea

  • Longguan Longjing Tea

    Inherits authentic Longjing Tea handmade craftsmanship, applies modern technologies and management practices, 26 production processes and 12 quality-control programs.

    Owns more than 5,000MU high quality tea plantations, and 12,000 square meters high standard clean plants in the core of superior tea producing regions in China.

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Liquor Easy

  • Liquor Easy

    Leading liquor & beverage retail chain in China

    Its business model of “Internet platform + call center + retail stores+ 20 minutes delivery” combined online and offline operations.

    • Geniune &
      Value for money

    • 20 minutes

    • Convenience
      retail stores

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